Camel Beauty
Camel Beauty

Camel Beauty | Bedouin Tradition Giving Birth to Unique Health Products

Visiting the annual “Darom Adom” southern festival? We invite you to explore Rahat, a diverse Bedouin city, offering incredible hospitality and a glimpse to a culture with a secret treasure – Camel Milk, the surprising star of the desert

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From Cleopatra bathing in it to Bedouin cultures harnessing its medicinal powers, camel milk has been around for thousands of years and recently grew in popularity around the world. As science examines the matter further, it comes to affirm what is common knowledge in the Bedouin tradition: camel milk has extraordinary potential for medical application, and if utilized correctly, for the wellness-beauty industry as well. As the Bedouin story tells, the realization of its powers came out of necessity, when Bedouin mothers decided to use camel milk for their sick babies suffering from long and tiring desert journeys. The results were healthier, stronger and more energetic children.

Health Benefits

  • Due to its unique composition, camel milk is well tolerated by people who suffer from food allergies and dairy sensitivities. The absence of regular milk proteins eliminates lactose intolerance issues, offering a great alternative to cow’s milk that’s rich in vitamin c and iron.
  • In scientific research, the milk is an intriguing topic that holds promise for diabetes and autoimmune patients, treating autism and even cancer. As the Journal of Cancer Science & Treatment states: “Camel’s milk and urine are among such natural products enriched with molecules that are safe to humans and endowed with profound anti-cancer properties”
  • One of the more dominant applications for camel milk is its use for producing health and cosmetic products that rejuvenate the skin, attacking significant problems such as acne and severe skin conditions like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, orticaria and more. The lactic acid inside the milk helps the skin recover from skin marks, stretch marks, various rashes and mosquito bites.

Camel Beauty

Inside the city of Rahat, a unique business was born when a Bedouin family realized the opportunity of using camel milk to produce potent health and cosmetic products. The company “Camel Beauty” has a line of products for skin rejuvenation and improvement offering creams and soaps made of 20% active ingredient, providing the highest concentration possible and approved by the Israeli health department. The company has established itself in the market and brings the cosmetic world a fresh take on health and wellness.


Talal Alkrnawi, son of a high-profile chief in the south and the founder of “Camel Beauty”, is a tourist entrepreneur and passionate political figure in the south. Leading his culture in the direction of progress, he invites people to come to Rahat and experience a community living in harmony and demonstrating the possibilities of the land. Talal developed a business around the symbol of his culture – the camel, its milk and its products. He offers payed tours in the city, experiencing the local markets and receiving a true Arabic-Bedouin hospitality from a local family in which you eat homemade cuisine and listen to explanation about the culture and its heritage. In addition, there is the possibility of receiving a free stay at his visitor center, explaining the merits of camel milk and its role in their culture. The tours are available in English and welcome tourists to come and experience the local community.

Talal Says

“Hospitality is a value for us, paying respect for humanity regardless of religion, gender or race. This is a value we wish to impart to the world.”



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Telephone Number: 052-300-0279



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